Some of the new releases include the IF Series, PDM Series, TCH Series and feature a strong range of functionality to meet different applications. Signage screens, Overlays and Touch Technology are some of the exciting new products being introduced through the new range of Finlux Products.

Enhancing the ownership experience, these new customized product ranges are designed to suit a wider variety of business models, allowing for more hassle-free integration and adoption. Designed with Quadcore SoC technology, they are easy to incorporate into an overall marketing strategy, allowing content to be managed, edited and shared off and online.

All of the display solutions are designed to keep businesses on schedule, offering essential time-keeping and time-saving features, such as Auto Launch and USB AutoPlay. To keep the advertising rolling, they also provide failover protection, boosting user confidence with additional features, such as USB security.

With the PDM Series, businesses can experience high performance and non-stop communications support. The 43/49/55” displays offer 24/7 operation, making them perfect for everything from bars and nightclubs to police stations and hospitals.

The IF Touchscreen Series for engagement put the world at your fingertips. No other technology can make so much and so many types of information available to your audience in one place. In many ways, touchscreens allow you to fully realize the power and potential of your digital signage.

The TCH Overlays Series are especially valuable in retail self-service kiosks, facilitating fast and efficient purchase acquisitions – even when used with gloved or wet hands.

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