PCADDICT puts support behind Small Business.

So PCADDICT has decided to assist other companies, that are able to trade during the lockdown. I will put a Heading, a Company Icon or logo with a clickable link to the companies website or Facebook page and a short description along with contact details and the statement that you are registered as an essential services provider. Only 2 conditions exist, firstly that you do not trade in the ICT sector or offer any services that are offered by PCADDICT(PTY)LTD, via its website or any other service we provide and secondly, I would need to see your essential services accreditation. An idea to what it will look like is available, by following this link, https://www.pcaddict.co.za and seeing what we have done for Giraffe Designs, to assist them in making the public aware of the service that they have to offer, and how they can assist other companies during this period with their products and services(consider this a template). This service is offered at no charge and at the discretion of PCADDICT, who will manage these listings, in no particular order and without favour. Our contact details are on our website. Or you are more than welcome to directly message me to get more information.